Prohibition on Teaching & Administrative Staff's Unethical Acts

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According to The Opinions of the Ministry of Education about Establishing and Improving the Long-term Mechanism to Foster the Teacher's Ethics over the Whole School(Doc. JiaoShi [2014] No. 10), Chongqing Technology & Business University (CTBU) has worked out with much deliberation the Red Line of teaching and administrative staff’s ethics, clearly defining “CTBU Teaching & Administrative Staff’s Prohibited Unethical Acts” as follows::

1. It is strictly prohibited for the staff to cause, by his/her

act, any damage to the national interests, and the

legitimate rights and interests of students and CTBU;

2.  The staff should strictly implement the regulation of

separating education from religion. It is forbidden for the

staff to conduct religious preach, propagation and

activities at school;

3.  The staff is strictly prohibited to practice fraud and

plagiarism, tamper with and misappropriate others'

academic achievements, misuse scientific research

outlays and abuse academic resources and influence in

scientific research work;

4. The staff should strictly implement the report,

registration and approval regulations of activities of

philosophy and social science. It is strictly prohibited

for the staff to deliver lectures, make reports or hold

salons or seminars, etc on philosophy and social

science on campus without permission;

5.  It is strictly prohibited for the staff to play favoritism and

commit irregularities in enrollment, exams,

recommending students as outstanding individuals,

recommending students for admission to postgraduate

school, and allocating student grants and scholarships;

6. It is strictly prohibited for the staff to ask for or accept

any presents, cash gifts, marketable securities,

disbursement vouchers or other property from students

or their parents;

7. It is strictly prohibited for the staff to make any sexual

harassment or have any improper relationships with


The staff member who has conducted any of the above prohibited act or any other act in violation of the CTBU staff's professional ethics shall be punished by giving a warning or keeping a demerit recording, or degrading his/her professional technical position, removing him/her from his/her professional technical post or administrative post, terminating the employment contract or dismissing him/her in accordance with the relevant law or rule, respectively. The one who has seriously violated the law or rules shall be handed over to the relevant authorities and investigation made for legal liabilities.


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