Rules of Lodgers Staying in the Foreign Teachers Apartments

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1.The Foreign Teachers Apartments provide long- and short-term housing for foreign experts and teachers working at the university as well as for their families.

2. The room is only for lodger’s own use but cannot be transferred or leased to others. Generally, it is not allowed to put others up; if it is necessary to do so, an application should be made to and approval received from the ICEO, followed by the registration of all guests.

3. Room keys should be kept with the lodger. Keys should not be given to non-residents. Lodgers should promptly report a lost key to the ICEO. Lodgers will be charged for lost keys.

4. In the event that any appliance in the lodger’s room is out of order, inform the ICEO. Do not attempt to fix it yourself. If any article is damaged or unusable, the staff will remove it.

5. Use caution when operating electrical appliances and remember to turn them off when leaving the room. The lodger is responsible for any damage resulting from improper use. Do not dispose of left-over food in the sink to prevent blockage. Put the garbage into a plastic bag and place it in the garbage can outside the room or on the first floor of your building. No pets like cats or dogs shall be kept in the room.

6. The lodger should store important belongings, such as IDs and personal documents, carefully to prevent theft. Windows and doors should be locked at night and before leaving the apartment. Use the power safely. If any theft, fire, or accident occurs, immediately report the incident to the ICEO and assist the relevant department in their investigation and handling of the case.

7. Water and Electricity

Water—10 tons/month;

Electricity—400 kwh/month during Oct. March and April and while 500 kwh during Nov., Dec., Jan., Feb., May, June, July, Aug. and Sept.);

Natural gas— 75m3/month.

The exceeding portion will be paid by the lodger (4.02 yuan/ton of water; 1.40 yuan/ m3 of gas and 0.8 yuan/kwh of power).


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