Administrative Rules of Teaching of Foreign Teachers

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The following rules are specially set forth for foreign teachers to adapt themselves to the teaching assignment in Chongqing Technology & Business University (Referred to as CTBU hereinafter).

1. Prior to the arrival of the foreign teacher at CTBU for teaching, the two parties shall determine clearly the contents and workload of teaching (including grades and classes, number of students in a class, working hours in office and extra-curriculum activities, etc.).

2. The involved college will assign a counterpart teacher to assist the foreign teacher in teaching and scientific research work.

3. For language teachers, as no unified teaching materials are available, the foreign teacher is to discuss what is to be taught with the counterpart teacher and work out together, within 2 weeks of the school-opening, the teaching plan and schedule in that semester in accordance with the requirements of the syllabus of spoken English at universities set by the Ministry of Education, in coordination with the relevant coverage of various other subjects. The teaching plan shall be handed to the International Cooperation & Exchange Office (shortened as ICEO hereinafter) for file-keeping, which shall carry out irregular check-out on the progress of teaching with the assistance of the counterpart teacher.

4. The foreign teacher should be ready to subject him- (her-) self to random check-visits to his (her) classes by the college leading member concerned and the counterpart teacher, and the teaching evaluation from multi-aspects both in the middle and at the end of the semester, and participate in the relevant teaching research activities.

5. In the event that Party B gains an average mark lower than 60 out of 100, given by any of his or her teaching classes in the mid-term teaching assessment, Party A has the right to terminate the contract and Party B shall bear the cost of his (her) back-trip air ticket him- (her-) self. In the event that Party B gains an average mark lower than 70 out of 100, given by any by any of his or her teaching classes, Party A shall not make the contract renewal with Party B.

6. In the case of teaching need, the foreign teacher may use self-prepared teaching materials (incl. textbooks and audiovisual materials) subject to prior review and approval by the relevant college (faculty) leading member.

7. The foreign teacher should strictly observe the law, decrees and policies of China and regulations and rules of CTBU. If the foreign teacher cannot go to work because of sickness or private affairs, a sick leave certificate or written application for leave should be submitted in advance respectively with the help of the counterpart teacher and classes have to be made up. Furthermore, no change of classes is permitted, unless necessary, approved by the school and reported to the ICEO beforehand. The foreign teacher cannot engage in any teaching or other activities to make money on or outside the campus. The foreign teacher absent from a class or leaving school without permission will suffer due salary deduction according to the seriousness of the case and a serious case will be dealt with in compliance with the Contract up to the extent that he (she) is fired.

8. The foreign teacher should be strict with students in teaching and pay attention to their feedback; rigidly keep disciplines, seriously carry out assignment and check of students’ homework, after-class tutoring and Q/A; closely observe the exam rules and stick to the grading criteria.

9. The foreign teacher should hand over the final exam results of the semester to the counterpart teacher who will help with the registration of the scores by the deadline prescribed and can leave school only after the results are put on the campus network.

10. The foreign teacher who has made outstanding contribution is eligible to be a candidate for the title of Excellent Teachers in CTBU.

11. The foreign teacher’s religion will be respected but it is not allowed for the foreign teacher to preach or carry out any religious publicity activities. General introduction to knowledge of the background of religion during teaching should not be taken as religious publicity.

12. The foreign teacher should not have concurrent job outside CTBU.

13. The foreign teacher needs to write a summary of teaching and submit it to the ICEO at the end of a semester.


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