Our University Welcomes a Delegation from Rajamangala University of Technology Rattanakosin

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On the morning of May 15, Udomvit Chaisakulkiet, the President of Rajamangala University of Technology Rattanakosin (RMUTR) in Thailand, along with a delegation of 15 members, paid a visit to our university. President Wen Tao and Vice President Zhao Hua warmly welcomed the guests. The Office of International Cooperation and Exchange, along with the heads of several colleges, also attended the meeting. The event was presided over by Zhang Yi, the Director of International Cooperation and Exchange Office.

First and foremost, Wen Tao extended a warm welcome to the delegation’s visit, expressing the university’s unwavering commitment to the concept of open education. He emphasized the university’s dedication to leveraging the strengths of its specialized disciplines and actively advancing the process of internationalization. The university holds significant regard for collaboration with higher education institutions of Thailand. In recent years, the university has successfully navigated various challenges and partnered with RMUTR to establish the CTBU Overseas Language and Culture Center. Additionally, both universities have launched the “Thailand-China 2+2” dual degree program, fostering a profound friendship. Through today’s exchange, both universities aspire to further fortify cooperation in key areas, including talent development, faculty enhancement, scientific research collaboration, international student education, and cultural exchanges between nations, to enhance our global presence in the realm of education.

President Chaisakulkiet expressed gratitude to our university for the warm reception. He acknowledged the fruitful cooperation established between the two institutions over the past seven years, particularly in the successful development of the language and culture center and the 2+2 dual degree program. The accomplishments achieved thus far are evident to all. The purpose of this visit is to further expand the scope of collaboration and foster continued growth and development in partnership with our university, aiming for mutually beneficial cooperation and a promising future.

Subsequently, both parties engaged in a comprehensive discussion regarding various areas of cooperation, including the development of the overseas language and culture center, the Thai-Chinese 2+2 dual bachelor’s degree program, collaboration in the field of food nutrition and health (hotpot) within the modern industrial college, cooperative opportunities at the master's level, and other potential areas of partnership.

Rajamangala University of Technology Rattanakosin (RMUTR) is a member university of the Rajamangala University of Technology (RMUT) group, which comprises nine universities. RMUTR operates under the jurisdiction of the Commission on Higher Education of the Ministry of National Education of Thailand. The university encompasses several colleges, including the College of Arts, College of Business Administration, College of Architecture and Design, College of Tourism and Hotel Management, College of Information Industry, and College of Resource and Environmental Development, among others. The main campus is situated in Salaya, Bangkok, and accommodates approximately 12,000 students.



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